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Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. Light Voltage Solutions
Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. Light Voltage Solutions
Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. Light Voltage Solutions

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Communication Construction

Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. makes it simple for your commercial operations to have a reliable communication infrastructure. We can assist in designing, building, and supporting your business network to ensure your technology is up to date.

We are an established tele data communication company offering a full suite of services to match our customer's needs. With adequate conduit-inner duct placements and appropriate antenna systems, we provide you and your staff with a stable and secure communication system.

At Structured Cable Solutions, Inc., we stand by our quality of work, combined with attention to detail to address your business needs. If you're searching for communication construction to complete or upgrade your commercial operations, contact our customer service team at (610) 831-1700 to book a consultation with us now.

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Telecommunication Equipment Installation

Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. stays ahead of the game with our telecommunication equipment installation service. Our team of technicians is highly trained to offer you an implementation that runs like clockwork. We are well-equipped to deliver solutions for a broad range of technologies.

From utility locating services to duct bank-encased or direct buried cable systems, our proficiency can handle all your equipment installation needs. Unlike some of our competitors, we stress safety, precision, timeliness, and a high standard of labor to deliver qualitative results.

With over 20 years of industry experience under our belt, you can be confident with our equipment installation service for your telecommunication requirements.

Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. Lays a Strong Cabling Foundation for Your Business

Before making final decisions, Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. facilitates a thorough consultation to understand your business needs. During this process, we will conduct an extensive, on-site evaluation of your site. Our assessment will also include an analysis of your existing network capabilities and deficiencies.

Whether you are a start-up, upgrading, or initiating a complete makeover, we have got you covered. Our qualified technicians coordinate efficiently to lay a strong foundation for your business. Structured Cable Solutions, Inc.'s project management is developed to ensure you get what you want when you need it.

Full Suite of Services Provided to Enable Your Commercial Communication

Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. is engaged in designing, installing, and supporting infrastructure cabling and wiring systems. For over 20 years, we've tailored our systems and processes to match the fast-paced and ever-changing requirements of the communications industry.

We proudly offer a full suite of services to enable your office communication. Our offerings include the following installations:

  • Utility locating services
  • Pole placement 30'-40'
  • Duct bank-encased or direct buried
  • Conduit-inner duct placement
  • DAS antenna systems

We can design and install any communication system you need to be integrated at or above industry standards.

Choose Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. As Your Communication Construction Partner Now

With technology evolving rapidly, Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. strives to stay ahead of trends and innovation to bring you the latest solutions. We make all efforts to assess your system requirements and implement industry-leading applications.

With every project we take on, our goal is to build confidence that the service will be performed to your satisfaction and in a prompt manner.

Contact us at (610) 831-1700 to work with the best service the communications industry offers now!

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