Move-Ins in Trenton

Welcome to Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. where we specialize in upgrading and correcting faulty or outdated electrical systems in older homes and commercial structures. An older electrical system may not provide the necessary electrical capacity to meet the current demands of today’s modern world. If your commercial or industrial building’s electrical system is lacking, it can put your business as risk in a variety of ways. The following are some risks associated with maintaining an outdated electrical system:

Risk of Fire: An overloaded circuit can combust or spark and unexpectedly cause a fire. This can also happen if the electric circuit is too strong, causing lightbulbs to burst spontaneously. This can ignite a fire, posing serious health and safety risks.

High Hydro Bills: An electrical system that is incompatible with your electrical demands can result in expensive electrical bills. To ensure that your system is efficient and running to its optimal potential, it is advised to seek out the help of a qualified professional who can accurately assess, diagnose and correct any electrical malfunctions or problems associated with your building.

Master Electrician in Trenton

Managing the above risks is simple. All you must do is hire a professional master electrician such as Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. to come to your residence or place of work and assess the situation. At Structured Cable Solutions, Inc., we minimize these risks by setting up a suitable electrical service to suit your needs, budget and usage requirements. We are conveniently located in Trenton, making it easy for us to be on-site within the hour of receiving your call. Our team of qualified, licensed and insured master electricians will carefully and thoroughly inspect your commercial structure to recommend the right protocol to upgrading or correcting the situation. At Structured Cable Solutions, Inc., we keep your best interests in mind, meaning we always try to find the optimal solution that marries functionality with price. At Structured Cable Solutions, Inc., we will inspect your electrical system and give you expert advice on upgrading your electrical capacity. The following are some other electrical services that we offer:

  • Upgrades of the electrical installation
  • Replacement of knobs & tube wiring
  • Changing fuses in a circuit breaker
  • Installations of appliances (stoves, microwaves, washing machines and dryers)
  • Installation of ceiling fans
  • Wiring for outdoor lighting
  • Replacement of aluminum wiring
  • Wiring corrections, repairs or upgrades to comply with existing code requirements
  • Decorative or accent lighting installation (wall sconces, recessed lighting, etc.)
  • Wiring the smoke detector system
  • Saunas, spas, water pumps and pool equipment
  • Security light with motion detector
  • Garden lighting
  • Electric heating
  • …and much more

Quality Electrical Upgrades with Structured Cable Solutions, Inc.

If you are looking for an electrical company in Trenton that you can rely on for quality service—look no further. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to get the job done right: on time and on budget. Call us today and start saving money!