SWiring Networks Cabling in Trenton

Welcome to Structured Cable Solutions, Inc., Trenton’s full service data wiring and structured cabling specialist. At Structured Cable Solutions, Inc., we provide many useful solutions for our clients in the Trenton area, such as infrastructure cabling for private and corporate owned commercial or industrial businesses. If you are a business located in Trenton, chances are you rely on the transmission of information via the Internet or other information technology. The transmission of video, audio and data is crucial to the growth and relevance of your business; for this reason, you will need to rely on a structured cabling network. We have many services to offer including, but not limited to:

  • Network cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Copper cable fishing
  • Cable wiring
  • Voice cabling
  • Data cabling
  • Data center design
  • Data installation
  • Ethernet cable wiring
  • Structured cabling

What Is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is the set of techniques, methods and standards for interconnecting the different technological aspects of a company, a data center or a larger area; such as a multi-level factory, campus or city. Structured cabling allows for the proper and consistent transmission of data from one place to another. The following are some important aspects to structured cabling that will most likely be incorporated into your Trenton structured cabling service:

  • Incoming Connections: Otherwise known as the telecom arrival point; this is the point where a building is connected to the rest of the world at large.
  • Network Equipment Rooms: This is where equipment used by users and servers is connected.

Ethernet Cable Wiring

Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. is experienced in installing and maintaining your Ethernet cable connections. Ethernet is an internationally recognized type of data transmission that is standard for local area networks. There are different variants of the Ethernet standard depending on the type of cable and the cable diameter. Since the 1990’s, Ethernet has been used for connecting client workstations. Ethernet can be used for both personal and professional uses.

Data Center Wiring

The data center in your building is essential to the smooth functioning of your structured cable system. Our company is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to data center wiring in Trenton. Our team of detail-oriented professionals will not overlook the small things that make for a professional and sound data center. We want you to enjoy a long lasting, customized data center that you need as your company grows.

Network Cable Installation in Trenton

Our team is skilled in the installation of network cabling systems where dependability, high-performance, and expansion are desired. Don’t hesitate, call Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. today and invest in the high-quality network cable installation that you deserve. We will happily provide you with a free, no obligation, quote and a full spectrum assessment before we begin any work. Take the time to decide if this investment is right for you; therefore, feeling confident in your choice to work with Structured Cable Solutions, Inc.. Call us today, you’ll be glad you did it.