Move-Ins in Philadelphia

Have you recently moved into an older structure that has an outdated electrical system? If your space is unable to keep up with the intense electrical demands of the 21st century, call us for an electrical service panel upgrade. Our team of licensed, qualified and insured professional master electricians will be on-site within minutes of receiving your call. We have access to industry leading tools that are designed with precision and accuracy in mind. Rest assured that you’re in the right hands with Structured Cable Solutions, Inc..

Signs That Your Philadelphia Space May Need an Electrical Renovation:

The Lighting Starts to Blink or Lose Power on a Regular Basis: In some cases, this can just be the fault of an old lightbulb that needs replacing, but if it is constant and throughout the home, this can be a sign of a larger problem that needs addressing. Pay special attention to when this happens, and if it occurs in tandem with an appliance being used; for example, if the lights flicker when the heater is turned on, it could be a sign that the system needs an upgrade or correction.

Expensive Electricity Bills: This could be a sign that your electrical system is not working to its full capacity. If your breaker is overloaded or out-of-date, it could result in high hydro bills.

Electrical Sockets Are Hot to the Touch: The main reason for this occurrence is an electrical circuit overload. This could be dangerous and can likely result in damage to a structure and/or fire. To keep your building and its inhabitants safe, make sure that you hire a professional electrician to assess this problem before it gets out of hand.

Electrical Diagnostics and Repairs

At Structured Cable Solutions, Inc., we offer complete and personalized electrical services in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. With many years of experience in the field, you can rest assured that the job will be executed professionally; within budget and on time. We strive for excellence by taking care of your industrial or commercial space as if it were ours. The following are just some of the many areas that we specialize in:

  • New circuits
  • Installation of electrical outlets
  • Cable installations
  • Network cabling
  • Electric photocell
  • Electric heating
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Lighting installations
  • Basic replacement of meters
  • Installation of recessed lights
  • Grounding
  • Security lighting
  • Improvements in electrical services
  • Circuit breakers and fuses
  • Corrections of the electrical code
  • Sockets
  • Inspections
  • Lighting
  • Switch replacements
  • Air and underground services
  • Electrical panels
  • Telephone sockets and cables
  • Circuits for pools, spas, etc.
  • Wiring for water heaters
  • Electronic thermostats
  • Fans
  • Generator panels
  • Generator with manual and automatic transfer switches
  • Heated floors
  • Saunas
  • Tankless water heaters
  • …and much more

Industrial Electricians in Philadelphia

If you recently moved into or acquired an older property, call Structured Cable Solutions, Inc. to inspect and perform any necessary upgrades or corrections on your electrical system. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently we get the job done.